Baby-proof your Relationship!

A counsellor-designed course to help your relationship THRIVE into parenthood

Pregnant or expecting a baby? About to become a parent for the first time? 

Feeling excited, but nervous, not knowing what it's going to be like?

Research tells us that MOST couples go through a moderate to severe crisis in the transition to parenthood.* (Even with those who are highly satisfied and committed!)

*(LeMasters, 1957 - findings replicated in many studies since).

Keeping your relationship strong during this time can feel like trying to put up a tent in a tornado!

Hi! I'm Ruth. I'm Couple's Counsellor and a Mother of two. And I'm going to guide you to a stronger start for your family. 

We often become so focused on the excitement of a new baby, that we forget about the most important part - our relationship!

I've been there - the middle of the night arguments, seeing sides of each other and ourselves that we didn't like, and at times, feeling so far apart.  

But along the way we learned where we were going wrong, what we should have figured out beforehand, and eventually, how to get back on track. 

This inspired me to develop a framework that I now use to set other expectant couples up for success. Don't learn the hard way!

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Learn My 3-Step Plan for Babyproofing Your Relationship: 

1. Relationship Skill Building

2. Deepening Your Conversations

3. Creating a Seamless Postpartum Plan

From our happy couples:

"This course came at the perfect time... I am in my last month of pregnancy, and it is starting to sink in that things are going to change VERY soon!! This course gave me LOTS to think about and discuss with my husband... instead of feeling apprehensive, we now BOTH feel excited... like we can handle whatever comes our way."  - P.P., Whistler, BC

"Taking Ruth's course with my partner before welcoming our first baby into our family gave us a lot more confidence that we can take on this challenge together! She provided us with both the knowledge to recognize issues as they come up and with multiple tools to reach solutions together more effectively. The course was very well organized and it was possible for us to take on one module at a time to really absorb the new information without it being overwhelming. It touched on a number of topics extremely relevant to new/expectant parents. Thank you, Ruth, for setting up my partner and I for success with our new baby!!"  - L.S., Vancouver, BC

"I truly feel that this course has given me strategies I can actually use to make my relationship even better. Although I know having a baby is going to be a challenge, I think we now have talked through many of the uncertainties that we hadn't addressed... we feel so much closer now, and are looking forward to the next chapter as a family."  - T.L., Vancouver, BC

Why take this course?

For couples who want to start their family off on the right foot, this is the course for you. Can you think of a more worthwhile investment than that?

For $175, you receive unlimited access to:

More than 3hrs of audio/video lessons 

My no-nonsense workbook 

BONUS #1: 30-minute phone consultation

*Course valued at $415*

I've blended my knowledge from years of couples counselling to give you all of the things you need to know to baby-proof your relationship.

This course is practical & down-to-earth, but based on research & clinical best-practices.

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For less than the cost of ONE couple's counselling session, you get unlimited access to:

9 Videos
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7 Audios

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The BEST thing you can do for your baby is to enter into parenthood with the confidence that you and your partner are equipped for the journey ahead.

I'm so sure that you'll love it, I'm offering a 30-day money back guarantee. 

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